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« [...] però che, come in su la cerchia tonda
Monteriggion di torri si corona,
così la proda che 'l pozzo circonda
torregiavan di mezza la persona
li orribili giganti, cui minaccia
Giove del cielo ancora quando tona »
(Dante Alighieri, Inferno canto XXXI, vv. 40-45)

Monteriggioni, which is also mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, is a tiny medieval hamlet remained virtually intact since the 13th century, when it was founded.

The castle of Monteriggioni is in the province of Siena, only some minutes driving distance from Hotel Certaldo. It was built along the Francigena Road and is still one of the most typical examples of medieval architecture, characterized by a small village completely enclosed by circular city walls and towers. Both are still standing, with the 14 watching towers and the patrol path along which is still possible to walk and see the beautiful view around the village!

Where is Monteriggioni?
Monteriggioni is in the heart of Tuscany, in the province of Siena, only a few minutes by car from Hotel Certaldo, San Gimignano and Chianti area.

How to get there
By car
Monteriggioni is well-connected through the Siena-Firenze freeway. Going from Florence to Siena you will find the specific exit “Monteriggioni”.

By train
The closest train station is Castellina in Chianti – Monteriggioni, 3 km away from the village, in the town called Castellina Scalo (SI). It features free parking lot, waiting room and automatic ticket machine. Another railway station close to Monteriggioni is Badesse, where the ticket office is not present.

By bus
It is possible to reach Monteriggioni by bus with Siena’s main company, TRAIN, which stops at only 200 meters from the city walls. These are the main routes and bus numbers: 130 – Round Trip to and from Siena, Colle Val d’Elsa, Poggibonsi, San Gimignano. Other buses which travel towards Monteriggioni or close are:
121 – Round Trip
131 – Round Trip
136 – Round Trip
527 – Outbound Trip Only
573 – Outbound Trip Only
For fitness lovers, Monteriggioni in also reachable by bike or on foot, as it lies on the Francigena Road, the old pilgrim road.

By taxi
The closest taxi services to Monteriggioni are:
- SIENA, Radiotaxi, Viale Europa 21, Siena, Tel. 0577 49222
- POGGIBONSI Taxi, Piazza Mazzini, Poggibonsi (Siena), tel. 0577 934513
It is also possible to hire a private driver; for further information please contact Monteriggioni Tourist Office.
It is possible to book taxi transfers from Hotel Certaldo directly from the Reception Desk, free of charge for our guests.

Where to stay
At Hotel Certaldo, only 25 minutes away from Monteriggioni. Our parking lot is at complete disposal of our guests.

Where to park in Monteriggioni
To visit the town, it is possible to leave your car in the parking “Castello”
- distance from village gate: 50 meters
- allowed vehicles: cars
- maximum capacity: 60 lots
- parking with fee from 8am to 8pm every day in wintertime and from 8am to 9pm on summertime
- fees: 1 hour 2€, 1 ½ hour 2,50€, daily parking 3€
- services: free public toilets, for disabled people also
Parking “Cipressino”
- distance from village gate: 250 meters
- allowed vehicles: cars, caravans, campers and tourist buses
- maximum capacity: 150 cars, 14 campers, 3 buses
- parking with fee from 8am to 12pm every day
- fees: cars 1 hour 1,50€, 1 ½ hour 2€, daily parking 2€; caravans/campers daily parking 6€; buses 1 hour 6€, daily parking 12€
- also available: free parking lots for cars 24/7

Where to eat
In Monteriggioni It is possible to find many good restaurants both inside and outside the city walls.
Here are some:

Antico Travaglio
Type: Osteria, Gelateria
Address: Piazza Roma 6, 53035 Monteriggioni castello (SI)

Bar dell’Orso
Type: Restaurant, Bar
Address: Loc. Colonna di Monteriggioni 23, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)

Bottega dell’Abate
Type: Restaurant
Address: Loc. Abate 6, Castellina Scalo 53035 (Monteriggioni – SI)

Osteria Bottega di Lornano
Type: Osteria
Address: Loc. Lornano 10, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)

Capitan Uncino
Type: Restaurant, Pizzeria, Pub
Address: Piazza Garfonda 35, loc. Abbadia Isola 53035 (Monteriggioni - SI)

Type: Restaurant
Address: Via Matteotti 22, loc. Strove 53035 (Monteriggioni - SI)

Da Meme
Type: Restaurant, Pizzeria
Address: Via del Ginepro 7 , loc. Uopini 53035 (Monteriggioni-SI)

Da Remo – Il Piccolo Castello
Type: Restaurant
Address: Via I Maggio 2, 53035 Monteriggioni castello (SI)

Futura Osteria
Type: Restaurant
Address: Loc. Abbadia Isola 7, 53035 (Monteriggioni – SI)

Il Ceppo
Type: Osteria, Bar
Address: Via Cassia Nord 3, loc. Il Ceppo 53035 (Monteriggioni - SI)

It is possible to book one of these restaurants at the Reception Desk of Hotel Certaldo totally free of charge.

What to see in Monteriggioni
In Monteriggioni it is definitely worth seeing the patrol paths, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view on Tuscan hills of Chianti area. The hamlet is completely enclosed by fortified walls, from which the watching towers stand out, still vigilant. The Museum of Arms and Armours is also worth a visit, where it is possible to yield old weapons and wear the original armours from the Middle Age. Representations of a medieval siege techniques and instruments are also present. Close to Monteriggioni are also the small medieval village of Abbadia a Isola and the Castle of Pietraia.

The Origins of Monteriggioni
Monteriggioni dates back to the beginning of the 13th century, when the Sienese people began its construction. Most surely the place was originally the venue of an old farm of Longobardic origin, hence the old name Montis Regis (property of the king). Due to its favorable hilltop position placed along the Francigena Road, the village soon became a strategic stronghold with defense and surveillance purposes for the city of Siena, who, from there, could keep under control the situation in the Valdelsa area and in the area overlooking Florence, historical rival city.
Historians have confirmed the presence of defensive shutters. These large and heavy doors, made of wood and iron, were activated through pulleys, whose signs are still visible on the ground next to the doors. The castle of Monteriggioni was also surrounded by charcoal pits, which were set on fire during sieges in order to protect the city.
In the middle of the 13th century, Siena and Florence began to compete with each other for the castle, until the end of the 14th century, when Siena, with a trick, managed to get hold of the town. From this moment onwards it is indeed possible to read in the city papers that the people of Monteriggioni were considered as citizens of Siena.
During the 16th century, the Florentines tried again to attack Monteriggioni, even bombing the city walls. The village resisted and in the Battle of Camollia the Sienese troups defeated the Florentines, who were forced to stop the siege.
In 1554 Monteriggioni was bestowed by concession to the Florentine Marquise of Marignano, who definitively defeated the Sienese army in 1555. Cosimo the I of Medici family imposed his supremacy on the territory, and the inhabitants of Monteriggioni were deported to Florence as slaves. Monteriggioni was then bestowed by the Medici family to the Golia family, then to the Batta family, the Fabbroni family, the Daddi family and ultimately to the Griccioli family, which still today holds possessions in the castle and in the nearby area.

Monteriggioni’s Highlights
Monteriggioni owns its importance to the unaltered city walls, which go through a perimeter of 172 meters and are dotted with 15 watchtowers and two main gates.

Monteriggioni’s Typical Products
Typical products of Monteriggioni and its area are the Chianti Classico DOCG, the Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG, extra virgin olive oil, honey, saffron, grappa and cheeses. Furthermore, there is the production of ceramic, wood, marbles and granite.
Cellar Tours in Monteriggioni
Here is a list of wineries where it is possible to directly buy wine and other products:
Azienda Agricola Le Gallozzole di Borghi E.
- Address: Via dei Selvolini, loc. Gallozzole, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: Chianti wines and Chianti wines DOCG, Tuscan IGT white and red wines, extra virgin olive oil

Azienda Agricola Caseificio La Magione di Sanna e Moscadelli
- Address: Loc. La Magione (Quercegrossa) 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: Cheeses and other dairy products

Azienda Agricola Cencioni Silvana
- Address: Strada di S. Stefano 9, Loc. S. Stefano 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: wine, extra virgin olive oil

Azienda Agricola Danielli Enrico
- Address: SR 222 Chiantigiana 117, Loc. Il Poderino 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: Chianti Classico DOCG wines and table wines
Azienda Agricola Figlia Paolo – Il Poggio di Riciano
- Address: Strada della Chiocciola 3, loc. Il Poggio - 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: extra virgin olive oil

Azienda Agricola Goddi Ciriaco e Farina Giuseppina
- Address: Strada di S. Colomba 6, loc. S. Colomba 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: cheeses and other dairy products (sheep’s milk)

Azienda Agricola Il Ciliegio di Pattaro S.
- Address: Via Uopini 94, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: Chianti Colli Senesi wine DOCG and Tuscan IGT wines, Vin Santo DOC, spumante, extra virgin olive oil, grappa, liquors, spelt, legumes, miele, pasta, cantuccini cookies and flour

Azienda Agricola Il Pino di Spanò R.
- Address: Loc. Vignaglia 9, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: extra virgin olive oil, honey

Azienda Agricola Il Poderino di Barucci E.
- Address: SS. 222 Chiantigiana 115, loc. Quercegrossa, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: Chianti Classico wines DOCG, Chianti Colli Senesi wines DOCG, Tuscany IGT, extra virgin IGP olive oil

Azienda Agricola Il Sambuco
- Address: Loc. Uopini 55, 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
- Products: table wine, extra virgin olive oil

Handcraft Shops in Monteriggioni and closeby
Address: Via Antonio Gramsci, 8, 53035 Strove SI,

Address: Via I Maggio, 21, 53035 Monteriggioni SI

G.V Decoro Ceramiche (Ceramic Decorations)
Address: Via Giacomo Matteotti, 9, 53035 Monteriggioni SI

La Diana Vetrate d’Arte (Stained Glass)
Address: Via della Resistenza, 43A, 53035 Badesse SI

La Bottega del Ricamo (Embroidery)
Address: Piazza Roma, 10, 53035 Monteriggioni SI

Lanamorgana (Wool)
Address: Piazza Roma 21, 53035 Monteriggioni SI

RP – Falegnameria Artistica di Renato Pattaro (Woodcarving)
Address: Via della Resistenza 43/A, 50035 Badesse SI

ATMs Machines in Monteriggioni
Chianti Banca Credito Cooperativo S.C.
Address: Via Grandi - 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
tel: +39 0577 304851

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Filiale di Castellina Scalo
Address: Via Di Vittorio - 53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
tel: +39 0577 304513

Wi-Fi in Monteriggioni
Monteriggioni supports the project “Terre di Siena Wi-Fi”.
In the castle free Wi-Fi connection is available in order to browse some institutional websites. For all the other websites, Italian users can access to the net by registration, which you can find on the main page menu of the Terre di Siena website. For foreign users the required registration can be made at the village’s Tourist Office (Piazza Roma).
The maximum limit for navigation is 60 minutes per day and 300 MB per day.

Events in Monteriggioni
The most important event taking place in Monteriggioni is the medieval fair “Monteriggioni di Torri si corona” (Monteriggioni crowned in towers), where medieval battles, life and crafts are brought back to life.
It occurs every year in July.

Swimming Pool near Monteriggioni
The closest swimming pool is in the area of Castellina in Chianti (SI), along the Strada Provinciale 51 (direction Monteriggioni) in “Fonte al Coscio”, where it is also possible to find a football field and a tennis court.

Supermarkets in Monteriggioni
Supermercato Coop
V. Di Vittorio, SNC 53035 Monteriggioni
Tel.: (+39) 0577304147

SMA Supermercati
Via della Resistenza - Badesse, 139 53035 Monteriggioni
Tel.: (+39) 0577580111 Toscana

Discount Srl
V. Della Resistenza - Badesse, 139 53035 Monteriggioni
Tel.: (+39) 0577309124

Guided Tours in Monteriggioni
My Tours
Via della Resistenza, 53035 Monteriggioni (Siena)v Telefono: +39 0577 236330
Fax: +39 0577 1959066
Email: info@mytours.it

Close to Monteriggioni
Monteriggioni is in the heart of Tuscany, a few minutes from Siena, the Chianti area and the famous San Gimignano. Florence is also not far and well connected.
Staying at Hotel Certaldo it will be easy to visit all the main Tuscan cities!

Tourist Office in Monteriggioni
Monteriggioni Tourist Office is in Piazza Roma, 23; 53035 Monteriggioni (Siena)
tel./fax +39 0577 304834 +39 0577 304834
mail: info@monteriggioniturismo.it
skype: ufficioturisticomonteriggioni

Opening Times:
February 16th – March 31st: 10am – 1.30pm
April 1st – September 30th: 9.30am – 1.30pm/2pm – 7.30pm
October 1st – 31st: 9.30am – 1.30pm/2pm – 6pm
November 1st – January 15th: 10am – 1.30pm/2pm – 4pm
Closed: December 25th and from January 16th to February 15th

Trivia on Monteriggioni
Thanks to its uniqueness, Monteriggioni has been the chosen place for films, commercials and setting for historical-based videogames:
Cari fottutissimi amici, Dir. Mario Monicelli (1994)
Con gli occhi chiusi, Dir. Francesca Archibugi (1994)
Stealing Beauty, Dir. Bernardo Bertolucci (1996)
The English Patient, Dir. Anthony Minghella (1996)
Io amo Andrea, Dir. Francesco Nuti (1999)
Tea with Mussolini, Dir. Franco Zeffirelli (1999)
Gladiator, Dir. Ridley Scott (2000)
Amici Miei – come tutto ebbe inizio, Dir. Neri Parenti (2010)
The fans of the videogame Assassin’s Creed will be pleasantly surprised in recognizing the settings of the adventures of Ezio Auditore: the castle, the city walls, the village etc…

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