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Garden and Pool

Light, warmth and harmony express the features of a landscape that surrounds the hotel, a garden of over 5000 sqm with swimming pool, that stretches along the river Elsa, and forms an island accessible only through the Hotel, thanks to the canal that runs parallel to the river. It 's a place of relaxation and balance, it is Hotel Certaldo's green heart.

Hotel Certaldo friends
If you observe carefully, it is sometimes possible to suddenly meet some of the local inhabitants of Hotel Certaldo’s garden: mallards with their babies in line swimming through the river waters or silently walking, beautiful white and ash-grey herons engaged in fishing in the river, flying magpies, the timid nutrias who plunge into water when barely seen, some brave pheasant which dares to venture until the entrance of our garden, only to fly away in a sudden rush, some lovely water turtle slowly swimming. It is not uncommon, at early morning, to see some roe deers walking through bushes looking for something to eat and then dash away again; squirrels running on poplars, fishing birds with electric-blue feathers, blackbirds, night-herons and many other bird species. Hotel Certaldo’s river garden is an ecosystem rich in biodiversity, a shelter for water animals, where many species have found their perfect living place thanks to nature’s perfect balance.

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