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Lucca is one of the most important Italian art cities, famous also abroad mainly for its city walls, still intact since the 15th century. Its perimeter runs for roughly 4 km around the historical centre of the town, making Lucca one of the 4 Italian cities which still possess Renaissance city walls still untouched, together with Ferrara, Grosseto and Bergamo.

Nowadays the ancient city walls have been transformed into a lovely path for promenades.

The very core of the city, the historical centre, remained intact in its original aspect and can boast several exquisite architectural sites, such as the many medieval churches. Indeed, one of the names of Lucca is “The city of 100 churches”, due to the presence of many churches, bell towers, and fine palaces adorning the city.

The urban spaces of this town are no less suggestive: Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, Torre Guinigi, Piazza San Michele, Piazza San Martino and the Duomo. Thanks to this historical-monumental wealth, the city of Lucca is currently being considered for the admission amongst the UNESCO sites of human heritage.

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